RPA for Startups

We have a great passion for Robotic Process Automation. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs acquire their first customers, and keep them onboard with repeat business.


We believe that RPA can automate repetitive processes, reducing the total cost of ownership for any business. To achieve this, we provide an affordable, easy-to-use, RPA platform that automates business processes – saving time and money without learning to code.

What’s included in the Robomotion for Startups program

Scheduling RPA bots

With Robomotion, you can schedule your RPA bot in minutes. Simply connect to the cloud, enable your RPA bot for scheduling, and start managing your schedules, like a boss.


Robots stay idle while polling or waiting for a trigger: File System, Http, e-Mail, Schedule, Queue. You can set unlimited triggers to a Robot.

Production Robots

Used for production. Flows can be scheduled on Production Robots from Admin Console. Must be installed on a local or remote machine.

Audit Logs

The centralized audit log system of user and workspace activities


RPA Versioning is used to efficiently manage application version history. It enables you to track changes made to an application and the impact they have on your customers.

Robomotion RPA Assistant

No more being at the mercy of IT to deploy and support your RPA workforce. Robomotion’s no-code RPA assistant makes it easy for CIOs and business leaders to manage the growing number of remote employees, even if they have no IT background.

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