Almost everything is on the web. And now you can automate it!

Robomotion can work with web apps and link them to desktop apps like clockwork!


Web automation makes everything possible.

In today’s world, almost everything runs on the web applications. With Robomotion’s web automation tool abilities, you can gather and extract data from web browser and use the data on another page. The possibilities are infinite.

Extract data from the web

You can set Robomotion to visit various websites to gather and extract data. The robot can be assigned to detect the data source fields, extract the information you need, and export them to another file.

Social Media Automation

Robomotion can repetitively visit social media sites to gather user data, auto-follow people, and even leave comments, so you can use it as a growth tool.

No limits or quotas!

Robomotion handles everything on your device like an actual human, so there is no risk that it will reach a daily limit while performing an automated task on particular web pages or services.

Link web services together

Robomotion can extract information from one webpage or web applications and use that data to feed another app. It can also fill web forms with the data from any online or offline source you want.

Build reports

You can download bulk CSV files from the web, extract useful information, and use the data to build a unique report in another CSV file with Robomotion.

Web automation tool works on every website

You can set Robomotion to extract texts, images and videos from almost any web page since it works with many web formats like HTML, Java and more!

Robomotion mimics the actual human workflow, so it can do automated web tasks without hitting the API quotas and restrictions.

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Robomotion’s allowed us to automate the complexity of setting up documentation signing process, so we can focus on building the business.

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