Excel finally meets its perfect match: RPA

You can do a lot with Excel, but a robot can do it better and faster.


Excel automation brings the office together.

Excel is a must for every workplace, but you have to admit that spending hours on it is a little outdated. Robomotion can do everything Excel can do for you automatically. Here are some examples of different use cases for Excel automation with RPA:

Auto-fill Excel documents

Robomotion can handle every repetitive task that your employees hate doing in Excel. It can automatically fill Excel columns and tabs without making any errors, save the documents, and send them to the relevant people.

Error-free reports? Yes, please

Even your favorite employee can make mistakes while working on repetitive tasks. With Robomotion, you don't have to worry about unpleasant surprises because, well, robots don't make mistakes.

Use reports for more automation!

Robomotion can build error-free reports and export them as CSV files. It can even use that valuable data to feed other applications.

Automate Excel, without Excel!

Robomotion can run every procedure that you can solve with Excel. The best thing is, you don't even need Excel installed on your computer for Excel automation!

Analyze & report

Robomotion can build reports by linking the Excel data and analytics tools, extracting insights, and notifying you about the things that matter via any channel you like.

Robots can compare better

You don't have to strain your eyes to compare Excel columns. Since a robot never gets tired, it can perform all the comparison work for you, 24/7!

Robomotion can work with almost every piece of office software and web app you need, and it can use the extracted CSV files to bridge the apps and run a seamless workflow.

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If you have finished the tutorials on the Welcome page, you can try out https://explore.robomotion.io templates. There are a couple of Excel examples. Also join our Discord channel at https://community.robomotion.io, where we can help you with your flows.

Robomotion’s allowed us to automate the complexity of setting up documentation signing process, so we can focus on building the business.

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