Scan & extract useful data from your documents.

Robomotion can find the data you need with text recognition, so you don’t have to spend hours on data entry. The best thing is, it can detect images, too!

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Document Automation is useful for every industry

Businesses still rely on documents for most of their work, and it doesn’t seem like this is going tochange soon. Robomotion saves you from getting lost in the document traffic.

Classify documents

Robomotion can classify every document with OCR, like invoices, deeds, contracts, emails, and even receipts using artificial intelligence. With a basic workflow, it can deliver those documents to where they need to be.

Feed your CRM and ERP

Robomotion can scan every document you need, extract the useful parts, and enter them into your CRM and ERP software. It can also notify your customers with automated emails. Learn more about CRM Automation and SAP Automation.

Every file format you need

Robomotion's intelligent data processing makes it able to read JPEG, PDF, PNG, and more! Much better than the CTRL+F shortcut!


Robomotion can log into web pages to do data validations and verifications for you. The best thing is, since it’s a robot, you don’t have to worry about errors.

Join the process

Robomotion can notify you if an actual human workforce is needed in the process automation.

Extract data for further use

Intelligent data processing is a huge part of RPA. Thanks to its ability to find and extract the rightdata, it can proceed to the next steps in the workflow.
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Robomotion can scan PDFs, images, invoices, licenses and more to find the parts you need with advanced text recognition, so you can save up to 90% of the time that you spend handling documents.
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