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RPA for Retail: What You Can Do

Retailers are facing many challenges in the current market. With the rise of e-commerce, retailers have to keep up with the demand for inventory and orders, while also trying to keep prices competitive. Retailers are looking towards RPA as a solution to automate these processes, so they can focus on what they do best - customer service and marketing.

Link ERP and CRM

You can build a basic workflow that links your ERP and CRMs together to have an automated marketing system. Robomotion can notify and update your CRM database according to ERP, and even send automated emails to your customers.

Turn emails into leads

Inputting every new email address into CRM systems takes a lot of time for sales teams. With Robomotion, you can make sure that every new email address is a potential lead in your CRM system. Of course,it's all automated.

Ease the work of your agents

Robomotion can update customer information automatically. All you need to do is easily design an integration with your CRM system via Robomotion's drag and drop flow designer.

Build reports

You can set Robomotion to build reports that will help you to get a better insight into your customer profile. So you can build better strategies to reach them. You can also get those reports delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Automate your email activities

Since Robomotion uses all of the information in your CRM system, it can send automated emails and even perform A/B tests if you want. It can also build reports based on the performance of your email lists.

Speed up your customer hotline

Robomotion's CRM automation can help your call center agents with auto-replies, customer recognition, and auto-filling & updating customer tabs.
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Robomotion can work with almost every software you need, so it can input new customer data from variable sources to your CRM, build reports, and do automated mailings.
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