The Retail Industry is changing rapidly, and Robomotion is here for you to adapt ASAP.

Manage, track, and gather insights into your orders & customers with RPA.


RPA for Retail: What You Can Do

Manage your inventory

One of the biggest challenges that retailers are facing is accurately managing their flow of inventory. With Robomotion, you don't have to use a separate service to manage and track your inventory.

Gather insights about your customers

Since Robomotion can track and manage orders, it can build detailed reports about your customer profiles with simple CRM integrations so your marketing team can focus on their strategies.

Manage your orders

RPA can track and manage every step of order processes so your customers can have a seamless experience. Robomotion works on various systems and databases, sends notifications to your customers, and even responds to their messages.

Process returns easily

You can integrate Robomotion into your e-commerce services to manage returns automatically. You can assign return processes, logistics management, and customer notifications to the same robot since it never gets tired!

Robomotion is here to be the best assistant to the Retail Industry since it can handle various tasks like order tracking, marketing, reporting, and more at once.

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If you are an early stage Startup, you can apply to our Startup plan and save up to 50-80% on your subscription. 

Robomotion’s allowed us to automate the complexity of setting up documentation signing process, so we can focus on building the business.

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