Marketing is fun; —until it becomes a routine.

Let your marketing team work on the creative stuff, while Robomotion handles automatable routines like data extraction and audience growth.

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RPA for Marketing: What You Can Do

RPA can help you find keywords and create content that your audience is interested in, improving your audience growth.

Grow Your Audience

Build automated flows that will scrape the websites you need, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can grow your target audience, find new leads, and even send automated emails with zero workforce.

Track your competitors

You don't need to use an extra service to see how your competitors are doing. Robomotion can list your competitors' prices and perform automated web searches to gather and list all the data you need.

Keep your customers informed

You can send automated emails or notifications to your customers by integrating Robomotion into your CRM system. You can also reduce response time to maximize your engagement.

Build reports

Since Robomotion can collect data on customer behavior smoothly and accurately, it can build reports in Excel with charts and diagrams within minutes, so your project managers can focus on the creative part without any stress.
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Robomotion can help your marketing team with time-consuming and dull routines so they can work more efficiently. Plus, a robot is always more accurate than a human.
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