Let your new robot employee manage the repetitive tasks that everybody hates in finance & accounting.

There is a massive amount of email and document traffic that can be easily automated in the finance and accounting industries. Book a demo and see the difference a robot makes.

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RPA for Finance & Accounting: What You Can Do

Accounting software is expensive, so companies are looking for ways to make the process more efficient. They are turning to robots who can do the same work without any errors or with fewer errors than humans would make.

Track your finance processes

Robomotion can track and manage every step of the finance processes such as creating orders, billing, notifying you and your customers, and creating detailed and error-free reports for finance departments.

Bank reconciliation made easy

RPA can log in to your bank accounts, create reports on your activities, and in them in your accounting systems or excel spreadsheets. It's faster and more accurate than your dream employee with Accounting automation!

Input invoices automatically

Robotic process automation can help with the invoice entries for all of your clients. Plus, it can create new customer profiles as well. Since it can work with every software on your computer, there are no missed steps.

Know your customers

With basic accounting automation, Robomotion can do sanctions screening and auto-fill & update customer forms without any workforce.
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RPA has lots to offer to the Finance & Accounting industry, but if you’re looking for its best feature, we’d say it's being error-free.
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