The web is in your hands.

Scanning the web page-by-page is boring. For a robot, it’s fun!


All data you need.

Robomotion scans the web pages you want, extracts & compares the data you need, and even builds detailed reports. In short, it works as an error-free market researcher without the limitations of APIs and cloud-based services.

Web scraping is adaptable for almost every industry.

Many industries use web scraping for their own needs. With web scraping, you can track your competition, find new leads, and build consumer reports without any workforce. Here are some examples:

Finance & Accounting

Robomotion can gather financial data about global financial markets & stock markets, track your competitors, pick the correct data, build reports, and provide it to you and your employees.


Robomotion can scrape e-commerce sites and services for price tracking, product reviews, and brand reputation. It can even gather data about consumer behavior for your next marketing strategy.


RPA is the best assistant for marketers, since it can scrape and collect data from all over the web, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Robomotion can check every travel website, compare their prices, and gives detailed reports that feature locations, price comparisons and more.

Human Resources

Robomotion can be used to find the perfect candidate for your job openings. It scrapes the hiring sites or your CV database, filters candidates based on your rules, and sends you detailed lists based on your needs.

Real Estate

You can scrape real estate listings, brokers, mortgages, or even houses and apartments based on your location choices with web scraping to get detailed reports with accurate observations.

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Are you a Startup?

If you are an early stage Startup, you can apply to our Startup plan and save up to 50-80% on your subscription. 

Robomotion’s allowed us to automate the complexity of setting up documentation signing process, so we can focus on building the business.

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