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If you work for a startup, you might be eligible to buy the Corporate Plan with up to %80 discount through the Robomotion Startups Program.

Plan Comparison

Maximum number of users in your workspace
1 3 Custom
Additional Users
- €19 Custom
Flow limits per user
3 50 Custom
For hosted plans, versioning is only provided with paid plans.
Scheduling, is only provided on production robots.
- > 15 min
Audit Logs
The centralized audit log system of user and workspace activities
- 3 Months Custom
Job Logs
- 3 Months Custom
Queues holds tasks to be processed
- -
Robots stay idle while polling or waiting for a trigger: File System, Http, e-Mail, Schedule, Queue. You can set unlimited triggers to a Robot.
- -
Development Robots
Used for development. Every workspace comes with 1 free Development Robot. Flow Designer runs flows on Development Robots which can not be scheduled and must be installed on a local or remote machine.
1 1 1
Additional Development Robots
- €99 Custom
Production Robots
Used for production. Flows can be scheduled on Production Robots from Admin Console. Must be installed on a local or remote machine.
- 1 1
Additonal Production Robots
- €99 Custom
OnDemand Robots
Used for development and production. Flow Designer can run flows on On-Demand Robots. Flows can be scheduled on On-Demand Robots from Admin Console. No machine installation is needed, On-Demand Robots are created on demand. They run on Kubernetes Cluster.
- -
Additional OnDemand Robots
- -
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