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Plan Comparison

Maximum number of users in your workspace
1 3 5 Custom
Additional Users
- $19 $19 Custom
Flow limits per workspace
3 50 Unlimited Unlimited
For hosted plans, versioning is only provided with paid plans.
Scheduling, is only provided on production robots.
- > 30 min > 15 min > 1 min
Queues holds items to be processed
- - 1 GB / per prod robot Custom
Queue Retention
Queue items either processed or not are deleted after this period
- - 7 days Custom
Audit Logs
The centralized audit log system of user and workspace activities
- 3 Months 6 Months Custom
Job Logs
- 3 Months 6 Months Custom
Robots stay idle while polling or waiting for a trigger: File System, Http, e-Mail, Schedule, Queue. You can set unlimited triggers to a Robot.
- -
Standard Packages
Standard packages from stable repository are available
Premium Packages
Premium packages from stable repository like SQL Server, S3, PostgreSQL are available
Enterprise Packages
Packages from enterprise repository like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM are available
- - -
Development Robots
Used for development. Every workspace comes with 1 free Development Robot. Flow Designer runs flows on Development Robots which can not be scheduled and must be installed on a local or remote machine.
1 1 1 1
Additional Development Robots
- $99 $199 Custom
Production Robots
Used for production. Flows can be scheduled on Production Robots from Admin Console. Must be installed on a local or remote machine.
- 1 1 Custom
Additonal Production Robots
- $99 $399 Custom
OnDemand Robots
Used for development and production. Flow Designer can run flows on On-Demand Robots. Flows can be scheduled on On-Demand Robots from Admin Console. No machine installation is needed, On-Demand Robots are created on demand. They run on On-Premise Kubernetes Cluster.
- - -
Additional OnDemand Robots
- - -
On-Premise or Private Cloud Setup
Our team can create and manage a Robomotion RPA Kubernetes Cluster for you
- - -
Support Channel
Support is available during 09:00-17:00 UTC+3
Community Email Email + Chat Email + Chat + Phone
Professional Services (man/day) Professional Services team can create indiviual packages and automation flows.
- - $750 $750

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