Your Company's New Digital Employee: RPA

November 01, 2021
Your Company's New Digital Employee: RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a system that automates tasks in line with specific rules with computer software. RPA acts as a new digital employee working on manual tasks and supports your employees. So how does this digital employee help your team?

Data Entry and Document Processing

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Some of the business documents include invoices, contracts, and offers. These documents can be both in digital or paper form. However, processing documents is time-consuming and prone to error. RPA can substantially reduce the time employees spend on documents and improve accuracy.

An RPA software can automatically extract unstructured data from a scanned document or PDF sent by e-mail using optical character recognition (OCR). In a structured format, data can be imported into the ERP system or forwarded to an employee for review if there are any exceptions or complications.

RPA software can interact with various business software, including ERP, CRM, and SAP. Thus, data can be automatically retrieved from systems via RPA, and necessary changes can be made. This reduces errors in data entries. In addition, RPA can collect and analyze data in relevant fields over the web and social media. In brief, as your digital employee, RPA can handle data and document tasks easily.

Automating HR Processes

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It is a challenging task to store and process HR data. There is a massive amount of data in a successful business. It might be challenging to sort and organize all of it. The RPA system can collect and manage all the data HR needs. With RPA, you can sort and store information such as employment history, payroll, reimbursements, and education levels. 

RPA can also assist the HR department with recruiting. For example, the system can provide resumes from various platforms and rank them according to criteria. This can simplify the recruitment process to a great extent. This way, HR can reach each applicant more comprehensively. About 90-95% of vital recruitment processes such as screening, evaluation, assessment, onboarding, and management can be performed by RPA. Thus, your HR staff can work on tasks that cannot be handled with RPA including improving employee productivity and work culture.

Automating Customer Support

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Customer support is one of the most significant departments of a business. Customers expect fast responses and practical solutions. With RPA software, It is possible to provide the kind of support your customers demand. RPA can learn the most asked questions and help customers solve their problems quickly with chatbots. With RPA’s help, automated customer support systems can sort customer requests and give the initial response. In addition, the RPA system can distinguish which agent a request is for and ensure that requests reach the right customer support agent for a quick resolution.

Meet Your New Digital Employee RPA

RPA systems can take part in your processes as a new digital employee and help your employees. With RPA, tasks of human employees are simpler. Robomotion is ready to introduce you to your new digital employee which will increase the success of your business. Contact us to meet RPA and get further information.

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