World of B2B with RPA

August 16, 2021
World of B2B with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to be a trend in technology as it minimizes the error risks via automatizing manual tasks and assists employees with their work processes. The RPA technology that is favored by startups or SMEs also gets the attention of B2B businesses. So, what kind of role does RPA play in the B2B world? 

RPA in Marketing and Sales


Marketing and sales departments are crucial in B2B businesses as they are in every business. A mistake that happens in these departments might affect the entire business negatively. For this reason, the B2B businesses can minimize the errors in the tasks of these departments by using RPA systems. For instance, RPA can update CRM data automatically and it can share information with the necessary business software. That way, it takes away the need for manual data entry thus eliminating human error. In cases such as sales activation or sales acceleration, RPA can be used to split the data into categories to present to the marketing and sales departments.  

For the marketing department to be successful, it is essential to optimize customer relations. Thanks to the chatbot created with RPA, you can provide information to your customers 24/7. Furthermore, tasks such as creating and sending automatic emails to give information about the order processes and new campaigns to the customers can be triggered by RPA software. RPA software can monitor your customers’ reviews about you through social media and websites, allowing you to see satisfaction levels. 

RPA in the Back Office


The back-office processes of B2B businesses are just as essential as the marketing and sales departments. All processes in the back office should continue in an orderly fashion. Any errors and disruptions that may take place will have an impact on all business processes. One of the most tiring and demanding tasks amongst the business processes in the back office is invoice entry. B2B businesses receive thousands of documents in the forms of PDF, XLSX, DOCX, and paper every day. RPA can process all these documents and save them. The payroll entry which is another task that requires as much attention as invoice entry can be also performed by RPA. 

One of the back-office business processes that RPA automates in B2B businesses is workflows. RPA can be used to automatize the review and analysis workflows, decrease the turnaround time across the business, and advance the quality of document review quality on the long haul. Additionally, RPA is also favored in the HR departments of the B2B businesses. RPA systems can be used to help the HR professionals with finding CVs online, sorting the received applications, scanning and evaluating them and enhancing the hiring process. 

Introduce RPA To Your B2B Business!

RPA, by taking part in many work processes of B2B businesses, minimizes errors, speeds up the processes, and enhances the success of the employees and businesses. Today, B2B businesses trust RPA systems to achieve success by getting through competition. If you want to introduce RPA to your business and get more information, contact us.

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