Will RPA Destroy Jobs?

July 07, 2021
Will RPA Destroy Jobs?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is defined as systems that automate repetitive tasks with computer software. The fact that RPA and artificial intelligence facilitate business processes provoked a question in the minds of employees: “Will RPA take our jobs?”

Are Jobs Going to Come To An End With New Technologies?

When a new technology appears, the first discussion is whether this technology will destroy jobs or not. Nonetheless, in history, a lot of technologies did not destroy jobs when they entered our lives. On the contrary, they created new ones. For example, with the transition to Industry 4.0, the industrial world started transferring the production to robots. This led to the emergence of new job groups that design, improve and take care of robots.

So will it be like this forever? Presumably yes. Because new technologies always create new needs. For instance, before e-commerce, people would go to a lot of different stores to find the best price for a product. The shops we would go to do shopping were limited with where we lived. The emergence of e-commerce in our lives enabled us to shop from different parts of the world. In addition to that, this emerging field created new job groups such as e-commerce management, digital marketing, software development, and cargo companies. 

Is RPA Going to Destroy Jobs?

rpa destroying jobs

Like the examples described above, the RPA systems will also create new jobs. The development of RPA technology will create new jobs, such as RPA analyst who takes part in the planning of the RPA process, RPA developer who improves the software part of the RPA process, and Process Architect who manages the whole RPA process from the beginning to the end. Moreover, because RPA takes over the repetitive tasks from your employees, it allows them to focus on more important tasks. This will improve the motivation of your employees.

Today, thanks to RPA and artificial intelligence, many work processes are getting more effortless. The RPA and artificial intelligence working almost like an employee creates the idea that people will lose their jobs. However, though technologies that have “robotic” and “artificial intelligence” in them scare people, these technologies continue to ease the work processes for people and create new job opportunities.

Switch To RPA For Your Employees and Your Business!

To increase the motivation of your employees and have them work on more important tasks, it is the perfect time to switch to RPA. With RPA, you can provide a better work environment for your employees and give them a chance to show their real performance. If you want to facilitate your work processes and boost the motivation of your employees, it is time to automate your processes with RPA! You can contact us from here for more information.

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