Why Are Software Testing Professionals Moving to RPA?

November 29, 2020
Why Are Software Testing Professionals Moving to RPA?

RPA technology is very successful in automating repetitive tasks. Currently, automating many repetitive tasks in a business saves time and capital. Integrating this power of RPA with software testing is a highly debated issue these days. So, what is the future of RPA for software testing? Why are software testing professionals moving their processes to RPA systems?

Where Does RPA Stand for Testing Processes?

One of the key points of a software development process is software testing. Software testing saves time and cost to a project thanks to the early detection of errors. Errors that occur when a project is put into operation are much more costly than errors that occur during the software testing process. So, where can RPA be positioned in software testing processes?

Today, 75-80% of testing tasks in the IT industry are done by testing professionals manually. The remaining 20-25% of testing tasks are performed by using conventional automation technics. Powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, RPA will fully automate these tests by learning repetitive manual tests. It is possible to automate so many manual tests by using RPA as a testing tool! Reducing the number of manual tests would allow for a correct testing process.

What are the Benefits of the RPA System in the Manual Testing Process?

Software Testing with RPA

RPA systems allow you to prepare a test scenario without knowing any codes. Thanks to its simple structure, you can easily prepare and perform scenarios quickly. It allows you to use the same scenarios in different areas due to its scalability. It saves you time, cost and labor. The margin of error is very low since the tests are carried out with computer software. Tests created with RPA can be used in all software (web, mobile, desktop etc.) regardless of the software type because of its flexible structure. With these features, you can easily automate manual tests.

It seems that in the near future, RPA systems will be able to perform manual tests easily. Thanks to this achievement, professionals in the software testing area will begin to hand over the manual software testing processes to RPA platforms. If you also want to catch up with this development, contact us and let’s transform your manual tests into an RPA task together. For more information, you can contact us here.

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