What Tasks Should Be Automate for Good Performance?

September 10, 2021
What Tasks Should Be Automate for Good Performance?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that automates repeated tasks. RPA contributes to the improvement of operational processes to a considerable extent. Nevertheless, RPA is not suitable to automate some business operations. So, what tasks need to be automated to be able to obtain good performance from RPA?

Rule-Based and Repetitive Processes


RPA has the ability to automate tasks that have particular rules such as invoice processing, purchase order, and payroll processing. While designing the RPA software robot, all the rules specified for the task need to be determined. The RPA robot that is developed by designing all the steps can boost efficiency by performing the tasks in seconds. The complexity of the tasks can vary from establishing a single refund policy to thousands of coordinated transactions in CRM/ERP applications.

RPA software robots can observe how full-time employees work by saving user events, monitoring variables, and scraping data. Repetitive processes can be coded, sorted, and scaled without mistakes. RPA software robots can identify similar inputs, predict workflows and improve task implementation based on prior recognition errors via using technologies such as machine learning.

High Volume Tasks

RPA can easily automate high-volume tasks such as conducting recruitment processes, employee history, and tracking salary payments. RPA software robots can perform high-volume decisions 15 times faster than a human. It takes the role of an automatic assistant that silently processes tons of work that doesn’t require any human touch. This allows the businesses that are in the process of digital transformation to be scaled efficiently. Furthermore, employees who used to spend extra time to make sure these activities were run accurately can now concentrate on more significant and innovative tasks such as customer interaction.

Tasks Requiring Data Entry


Data entry is a quite tiring task that requires focusing. RPA software can automate tasks that require data entry such as inventory management and customer information promptly and accurately. RPA systems can automatically process all documents of any format including paper documents. In addition to that, since it can communicate with business software programs such as RPA, CRM, ERP, and SAP, the data can be recorded in these systems during the data entry process.

Tasks That Will Speed Up The Customer Care

Customers expect quick responses and practical solutions from the business they purchased a product or a service from. It is possible to deliver the results the customer desires with RPA software. RPA software automates some of the tasks in customer care thus accelerating the customer care processes. RPA can develop chatbots that will communicate with the customers.That way, the business can respond quickly to requests and complaints from customers. With RPA, reminder emails can be arranged and sent by the system by looking at the order dates or during the campaigns. With these tasks being automated, customer satisfaction improves while the performance of customer care also enhances. 

It Is Time To Automate Tasks!

In this article, we explained in detail which processes you can automate and how you can benefit your business. It is now time to automate these tasks! Robomotion offers solutions to automate operational tasks in the departments of production, management, human resources, logistics, marketing in all the industries. If you’d like to get more information about these solutions and automate your tasks, contact us.

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