What Is the Role of an RPA Developer in a Company?

January 17, 2021
What Is the Role of an RPA Developer in a Company?

With the rapid progress of the information industry, new professions began to emerge in this field. The increasing need for new professions enables people to work in areas where they can reveal their skills. If you are interested in robotic automation and artificial intelligence systems, becoming an RPA developer will be a good step to start your career.

Some tasks can be managed by automatic systems without needing manpower in every enterprise regardless of being corporate, SME or startup. With the development of robotic and artificial intelligence systems, companies started to use RPA systems for many of their tasks. Therefore, the need for RPA Developers, who will develop these systems, is increasing day by day. So, what are the roles of an RPA Developer in a company?

The Role of an RPA Developer in a Company

RPA Developers are responsible for designing, developing, implementing and testing RPA products. As it is still a new field, companies may name the position in different ways. If you see titles like Process Designer, Production Manager, or Automation Architect in job postings, you can understand that the company is actually looking for an RPA developer.

RPA Developers work as ‘cross-functional’ together with business analysts. In this process, RPA developers assist business analysts in determining the requirements correctly. It is very important to have strong communication skills and strategic planning skills in this position called Process Designer. Understanding the clients’ requests and concerns and managing the process correctly would ensure a successful RPA system development.

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RPA developers also personally take part in the development phase. The employees in this position are named as ‘Automation Architect’. At this point, it is very important for an RPA developer to have analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, basic programming knowledge, and knowledge of database management systems. Noticing and fixing the mistakes during the development phase saves time and cost for the company.

At the final stage of the process, which is implementation and testing, RPA Developers work together with the employees of the department with whom they developed the RPA system. The employees in this position are named as ‘Production Manager’. They play a role in the integration of the RPA system into the process and detecting the errors that occur while it operates. They identify the changes to be made in the design and fix the system based on the errors.

Start Your Career as an RPA Developer

In order to develop a skill in the software world, it is necessary to carry out or participate in projects utilizing those skills. Since RPA is still a very young field, it is necessary to develop or participate in a business project to learn the processes better. If you also want to become an RPA Developer and improve your skills, join our Discord Community! Robomotion brings developers together with clients for their RPA demands. By creating projects that fulfill these demands, you can both improve your skills and observe RPA processes better.

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