Use of RPA in Education

March 26, 2021
Use of RPA in Education

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to take over the work loads of employees thanks to its competencies. RPA, which is preferred in all sectors, particularly the finance, health and human resources, is also used to automate tasks in educational institutions. At least 60% of these tasks are done efficiently with RPA tools. In this way, educators can focus better on the training process. What tasks can be automate with RPA in education?

Biometric Attendance

Biometric attendance is a necessity for administrative departments regardless of the size of educational institutions. With RFID systems combined with RPA systems, both employees and students can be tracked to and from school. Therefore, bot the absenteeism status of students and the overtime of employees can be followed.

Registration Process

Student registration is one of the most detailed tasks that and educational institution should carry out. In addition to paperwork, it is also important to carry out this process efficiently. Any missing documents can cause trouble and stress. RPA can easily change this manual process. From checking the form in the first place to analyzing it, validating documents, evaluating the eligibility criteria and deciding on enrolling a student RPA tools can make the whole process smooth for you.

Meeting Planning

rpa meeting planning

It can be a tedious work to plan meetings and send notifications. Scheduling and sending reviewed invitations is also a very time-consuming task in the event that the meeting is cancelled. RPA tools can easily automate meeting planning and notification sending. It can also send an invitation to each participant. You can also use RPA bots to send reminders with the required attachments.

Online Learning

Today, the online learning environments comes with a number of tasks that teachers have to deal with. Some of those include attendance management, checking the homework, grading, tracking course progress etc. RPA can manage the content in each platform, provide students with supporting materials for homework, and tracks students’ login and stay processes. Thus, teachers can focus the real educational process instead of dealing with these tasks.

Student Counseling

There is a need for student counselor to answer student’s questions. Thanks to the bots developed with artificial intelligence, you can easily answer any questions regarding the pre-enrollment and post-enrollment stages of student life cycle as well as issues such as courses, fees etc. You can also provide student counseling, monitor their activities, help them and optimize their study program.

Seeing the contribution of RPA to the educational processes, the educational institutions started to switch to RPA systems in order to automate their repetitive tasks. With the transition, they increased their performance and ensured to focus better on their students and educational processes. If you want to spend more time with your students and get information about RPA transition process, you can contact us.

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