4 Successful RPA and IOT Integrations

April 02, 2021
4 Successful RPA and IOT Integrations

Recently, a new digital transformation movement has started after the Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) joined their powers. This digital transformation movement has helped companies to increase their efficiency and guarantee success. But what are the benefits of the integration of RPA and IoT technologies?

1) Production Processes

Today, the majority of production processes are carried out automatically with the use of machinery. This process decreases the failure rate; however, it may sometimes be necessary to detect the malfunctions in the machinery and optimize them immediately. For example, triggered when a product falls from a production line, IOT sensors can send an instant warning to the relevant units via integration with the RPA technology. Sensors may detect various features such as the weight and size of a product. This information can be collected by RPA systems to be analyzed easily. Thus, the quality assurance and control processes of the product are facilitated.

Thanks to systems built with the integration of RPA and IOT, you can track the performance of the staff working in the production area. You can monitor the number of materials to be used by the staff during the production stage and trigger the RPA software if the quantity falls below a certain level.

2) Logistics Processes

In recent years, a digital transformation has gained speed for the follow-up of logistics processes. Thanks to the integration of RPA and IOT technologies, this digital transformation takes place successfully. Using the information sent to RPA systems via the sensors on products, you can instantly view information such as the location of products and their estimated time of delivery. If the product is at a certain distance, the RPA software is able to inform you about its location. RPA systems can have access to the performance analyses of your affiliated transport and shipping companies and determine the best transport company/method for you.

3) Smart Farming Systems

smart farming with iot

Recently, IOT technologies have started to be used prevalently for farming systems. Especially with the help of IOT systems integrated with RPA software, smart farming becomes much easier, helping you to smoothly view the information and analyses on your field via the data coming from IoT systems. RPA can offer you recommendations on irrigation and pest control by using information coming from sensors.

4) Smart Cities

When integrated, IOT technologies and RPA systems can eliminate the human impact on smart cities. Information coming from general power grids with the use of IOT can be optimized with RPA software. Possible failures in power grids can be detected and fixed quickly with RPA systems.

In an emergency, the first responders can communicate with traffic lights and change their operating hours with RPA systems to be synchronized and to have direct access to key locations. Thus, access problems of first responders can be eliminated.

Be Ready for a Powerful Digital Transformation with RPA and IOT!

RPA and IOT have joined powers to lead a successful digital transformation. Having discovered this successful digital transformation, enterprises are increasingly switching to RPA systems. If you want to take advantage of the capabilities of RPA and embark on your digital transformation journey with IoT, contact us.

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