The Position of RPA in CRM and ERP Systems

April 01, 2021
The Position of RPA in CRM and ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a management system used to ensure productive utilization of resources such as labor, machinery, materials, etc. required for the production of goods and services in enterprises. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a management system used to manage a company’s relations with existing and potential customers.

ERP and CRM are indispensable components of an enterprise. Production management and control of customer relations depend on these two systems. As technology develops, it has become impossible for ERP and CRM systems to keep up with this speed only with their capabilities. These two systems gather speed by joining forces with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Let’s review the position of RPA systems within CRM and ERP systems a little more closely.

Where are RPA Software Robots Positioned within ERP Processes?

RPA systems are systems that automate ever-repeating tasks with the help of computer software. So that RPA systems can be successfully integrated into a task, the task should have certain rules and a repetitive structure, and be standardized. Inventory processes such as entering invoices, defining suppliers, defining items, defining customers, etc. are suitable for automation with RPA in ERP. Purchase orders (PO) and invoices that may come in different formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc. are entered into the system easily with RPA systems, which increase speed and correctness in data entries while reducing costs. Supply and customer information prepared in Excel can be processed in ERP systems easily with RPA software; therefore, data pollution in the system is prevented.

RPA Software Robots Empower CRM Systems!

RPA in CRM Systems

We can see RPA systems in repetitive and standardized tasks in CRM processes; for example, case management, entry of customer offers, follow-up of orders, follow-up of shipment, shipment of contract expiry dates and renewal of contracts, etc. With automation of these tasks, you can release the burden off your customer representatives, and allow them to focus on customer demands better. Moreover, sales and order information is mostly on ERP systems and cannot be accessed via CRM systems. The flow of information between these two systems is performed automatically with RPA systems. Customer satisfaction is increased thanks to this automatic relation.

Automate Your Software with RPA!

RPA and CRM integration is considered as the beginning of a new era for enterprises, which have started to eliminate repetitive manual procedures and increase their productivity by quickly automating their CRM systems with the use of RPA software robots. If you want to automate your CRM systems with RPA software, our Robomotion CRM Automation tool will meet all your needs. Contact us to get more information on this tool and realize the integration process.

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