RPA in Advertising | Social Media, Data Management, SEO

April 30, 2021
RPA in Advertising | Social Media, Data Management, SEO

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a system that automatize repetitive tasks through computer software. RPA systems decrease repetitive tasks by 80% and aim the minimum personnel intervention as well. According to research, enterprises aim to automatize 59% of their business processes through RPA systems until 2022. RPA software has recently started to take place in advertising industry along with many other areas. Which tasks are carried out by RPA software bots in advertising industry?

Social Media Follow Up

Following how advertising projects on social media affect customers and what feedbacks are received is a demanding task. RPA can facilitate these tasks for personnel by automatizing them. RPA can help companies to follow up their performance in social media world. It can determine the reason why certain posts receive more likes and shares compared to the others. It can help performance analysis and send notifications for performing new changes and modifications on posts with current profiles when required.

Data Collection and Management

data collection with rpa

Data are of high importance for advertising industry. Enterprises need to see how a campaign developed by them become successful and how people react to it. RPA software can easily gather and analyze data on the campaign through web. Enterprises can automatically save and update their CRM systems -where they use analysis and customer information- through RPA.

Technical SEO Automation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that websites are optimized by bringing them up to the criteria of search engines in a way that search engines can scan websites more easily. Technical SEO defines configurations such as page content, heading fields, meta tags, etc. for websites and servers. Technical SEO is one of the most time-consuming features of search marketing since it consists of countless details. RPA software bots can prepare these reports quickly and automatically. SEO teams can automatize the relevant processes with RPA bots, which run the controls, compile reports, and informs team members in case of a problem is detected, instead of wasting many hours for these tasks. In this way, SEO teams can focus more on what to do for websites to be ranked on top in search results.

It Is Time to Introduce RPA to Your Advertising Agency!

RPA operates in many areas and industries such as finance, human resources, health, and education. Recently, enterprises have been integrating their departments with RPA software. If you want to introduce your advertising agencies to RPA software and to get more information on integration process, please contact us.

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