Why Is RPA The Fastest-Growing Enterprise Software in The World?

October 11, 2021
Why Is RPA The Fastest-Growing Enterprise Software in The World?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are systems that support businesses automate repetitive software-based tasks. Research conducted regarding RPA by the company Gartner, which researches and advises on information technology products, predicts that the revenue of the RPA industry will reach $2 billion in 2021 and this figure will grow at double-digit rates by 2024. So what does RPA owe its rapid growth to?

Easy Integration Into Legacy Systems

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Companies such as banks, insurance companies, healthcare, education, and public institutions have a large amount of legacy infrastructure. Transitioning to new technology in these companies is a very complex process. One reason for RPA’s popularity is that it enables customers to bring some level of automation to legacy processes without having to disassemble and replace legacy systems. The ability to integrate legacy systems is the key strength for RPA projects. Large-scale legacy businesses can expedite their digital transformation initiatives using RPA technology.

RPA Includes New Technologies

As businesses keep expanding, the work processes have started to become more complex and need more technology. RPA software utilizes the newest technology while automatizing these tasks. For instance, businesses gather a lot of data while managing the work processes. Obtaining meaningful insights from these data is crucial for businesses. RPA software can incorporate new technology features such as data scraping, data analysis, and machine learning. Due to having these features, RPA software is extremely preferable by businesses. This makes RPA technology grow much more compared to other technologies in the enterprise software industry.

RPA Systems Are Scalable

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In businesses, there might be a need for new jobs or existing jobs might be redundant at some point. In case of such changes, businesses may require systems that are scalable in case of a need and that are open to change. One of the reasons why RPA technology is preferred by many businesses is that it can be effortlessly changed and scaled without needing any major change. Scalable RPA systems enable you to easily add, remove and make changes to new processes as needed. The system doesn’t get affected when these changes occur. Thanks to this trait, RPA prevents disruption in business processes.

Switch to the World’s Fastest Growing Enterprise Software!

Thanks to the services it offers, RPA is shown by Gartner as the fastest-growing enterprise software in the world. As the Robomotion team, we plan and integrate this fastest-growing enterprise software in line with the needs of your business. If you want to get to know RPA technology better and get further information about our RPA solutions, contact us.

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