Overcoming the Productivity Paradox With RPA

July 01, 2021
Overcoming the Productivity Paradox With RPA

We all think that technology makes our lives easier and increases our productivity. However, is that really the case? Even though technology allows us to perform many tasks in minutes, it also makes our personal lives and the management of our businesses more complicated. So, can we get rid of this productivity paradox with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems?

Technology Created The Productivity Paradox!

The productivity paradox, put forward as the “Solow Computer Paradox” by economist Robert Solow in 1987, is an economic term that advocates that an increase in technology doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in productivity. In short, this term suggests that technologies created in the name of productivity actually decrease efficiency and make us busier. 

According to a report published by RingCentral in 2018, 69% of employees spend an hour only on work applications. Besides, another topic mentioned in the report is the rate of the amount of time the employees spend on other applications other than work applications during their working hours. Employees spend 52% of their working hours on their housework and 53% on paying their bills. As a result, technological developments that aim to increase productivity actually distract us a lot. 

Can RPA Solve the Productivity Paradox?

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Even though technological developments decrease productivity, a solution to this can be also with technology. RPA is a computer automation software that automates recurring tasks. RPA software can perform these tasks like an employee and with minimal error, saving employees from recurring, boring tasks. 

RPA software automates tasks easily in each business unit without needing any specific software knowledge. Moreover, it can be integrated into different work software easily. RPA software empowers employees to focus on more valuable tasks with which they can show their performance so that the employees can get away from technological applications that distract them. 

Get Rid of the Productivity Paradox with RPA!

RPA software doesn’t aim to make things easier. It aims to execute them! You can increase the productivity and success of both your employees and your business by automating various recurring tasks with RPA. If you want to save your business from this paradox, contact us from here.

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