Is RPA A Software?

January 14, 2021
Is RPA A Software?

RPA systems are preferred by startups, SMEs, and corporate companies as well as many industries. RPA systems, which stands for “Robotic Process Automation”, can remind of a robot similar to those in science fiction movies. So, is it such a robot? Or is it just software with thousands of lines of code?

Is RPA a Robot?

RPA systems are software that can perform repetitive tasks in a company like humans. This is why it is named a robot. RPA systems can work as an individual software application as well as being integrated into existing software systems in the company. This software can make its own decisions based on the characteristics of the tasks or get employee support during the decision phase.

RPA software can easily run on an end user’s computer or mobile device. This feature allows you to control the tasks whenever and wherever you want. RPA software does not require code development or direct access to the code or database of applications. RPA software is installed in your business by its vendor. They have a basic user interface. Thus, your employees can easily adapt to this software.

Is RPA Software Scalable on Demand?

RPA Software Scalable

RPA software is not standard software. They can be shaped and updated according to your needs. Therefore, they allow you to always adapt to new developments in a faster way. RPA software includes various technologies according to the type of task. For example; if you have a task, for which all rules are clear, such as invoicing, traditional software development would be enough to define your tasks. If you want software that can collect comments and information about your product or service over the internet and obtain a result by performing an analysis on them; RPA software that uses AI algorithms for this software will make your job easier.

RPA software reduces employee errors by automating repetitive tasks. By reducing the cost for errors, you can allocate the money to the development of your business instead of spending it on error correction. Besides, faultless and fast execution of the tasks will also increase customer satisfaction.

Today, all companies, regardless of industry type or company size, use RPA software or integrate RPA software into their own software. All businesses working with RPA software reduce their errors and take the right steps towards growth. If you also want to choose the right software steps for your tasks and learn more about RPA software, you can contact us here.

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