How to Use SAP and RPA Together

May 03, 2021
How to Use SAP and RPA Together

System Analysis and Program Development (SAP) is a business software that aims to bring together all ERP processes and giving the most productive response to the needs of companies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates repetitive tasks, which have certain rules, through computer software. RPA removes the workload on personnel working at various departments and increases productivity while also increasing the performance of enterprises when used together with SAP. How SAP and RPA can be used together?

SAP Can Update Database

In order to provide work-flows, SAP database should be updated with data from various channels. Data adding and updating is a demanding job. These tasks are performed in a fast and error-free way thanks to RPA software bots. RPA software can receive data from other sources such as e-mails, web pages, and bank accounts to add and update the SAP database. Furthermore, it can fill in the forms, update information and send notifications to you.

It Can Au****tomatize Orders

Automatize orders

New orders can be placed and the whole ordering process can be automatized by using RPA and SAP integration. All information on orders can be automatically processed to SAP database. It can send the updates in order processes to you. RPA software can add these updates automatically to SAP database. It can automatically generate an invoice and send it to the receiver by e-mail.

It Facilitates Supply Chain Management

RPA software bots are quite extensively used with SAP in supply chain management. RPA software can control inventory situations on SAP database. It can inform you about the amount of product and raw material you need. It can find the appropriate supplier for you in this procurement process of these inventories and prepare your order with the most suitable offer. RPA can automatically manage the processes from informing suppliers about orders to the process of delivery.

It Facilitates HR Processes

RPA software carries out many tasks in HR processes automatically. RPA software bots can ensure selecting the right CVs and planning the interviews. RPA software in integration with SAP can process CVs and HR forms into SAP database automatically. HR personnel can access these data through SAP by using RPA software when required.

Enterprises Are More Powerful With RPA and SAP Integration Now!

The fact that RPA and SAP can work in harmony increases the productivity of enterprises. Enterprises that notice this increase have started to integrate SAP systems with RPA software. If you want to merge your SAP system with RPA and get more information on Robomotion SAP solutions, please contact us.

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