How to Scale RPA with Citizen Developers

October 29, 2021
How to Scale RPA with Citizen Developers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows employees to quickly develop and use automation without any programming. Citizen developers define employees who can create and build RPA applications without programming. Therefore, it is possible to scale your RPA process better with the help of citizen developers. So, how can you achieve this?

Include Citizen Developers in Your Automation Team

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Demands for RPA automation from IT teams and other departments in businesses increase every day. According to research carried out by McKinsey in July 2020, 35% of companies need more skilled developers for their IT departments, especially regarding RPA. Hiring a new employee and familiarising them with the process can delay requests. It is possible to solve this problem by including citizen developers in the automation team.

Citizen developers help reduce the workload on your automation team. For example, you can allow citizen developers to work on personal and workgroup automation. This way, your professional developers from your IT team can work for RPA software to focus on more challenging or strategic RPA demands of the business.

Boost Efficiency

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Most large-scale RPA projects are planned from the tiniest details to the biggest details and are managed by the IT team. It takes a long time to finish such a detailed project and get value from it. Having to wait for a long time may demotivate employees and business leaders who are eagerly waiting for RPA. Citizen developers can help at this point to enhance process efficiency and take advantage of RPA more quickly.

Citizen developers can develop and manage personal and workgroup level automation without using any code. Hence, you can quickly benefit from RPA’s advantages. Moreover, personal and workgroup-level automation can increase business productivity and efficiency as much as a larger RPA project.

Work with Employees Who are Closest to the Process

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People who know processes the best are employees carrying out the same procedures every day. They probably already have ideas on how to improve the way things have been done for years. All they need is to know how to use codeless RPA tools. Employees need to learn these RPA tools and develop automation solutions to automate their processes. Some of the best RPA ideas are crowdsourced from the bottom up. Moreover, turning employees who will be most affected by RPA changes into citizen developers will significantly reduce resistance to automation.

Get Started To the Citizen Developer Program with Robomotion

The citizen developer program will provide your employees with an additional skill set for their careers and improve your automation process. In addition to a low-code / no-code experience, thanks to the RPA training resources offered, Robomotion enables employees who have no programming experience to learn and develop RPA processes quickly. This will reduce the pressure on professional developers and make your business more productive and efficient. Contact us to learn how to get started!

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