How To Choose The Right RPA Vendor?

December 04, 2020
How To Choose The Right RPA Vendor?

When you decide to integrate your tasks into an RPA automation, the most important step after this decision is choosing the right vendor. Choosing the right vendor is the best investment to perform the automation processes successfully. If you are not familiar with the automation processes and have questions on how to choose the right RPA vendor, we will answer all your questions in this article.

Choosing the right RPA vendor is actually equivalent to choosing a successful RPA automation software. Therefore, there are a lot of parameters when choosing an RPA vendor. If you consider all the parameters mentioned in our article before making your choice, you will complete your transition to RPA successfully. So, what are these parameters?

Ease and Speed of Application

The reason why many businesses switch to the RPA systems is the time and cost saved by the ease and quickness of the application. Therefore, the software provided by the RPA vendor must be able to work compatibly with your company’s existing architecture and previous systems. This compatibility makes it easier to integrate into your existing operations. Vendors with a flexible and extendable RPA platform and methodology must be able to meet all your needs from pilot scheme to scaling. You should choose the software that produces solutions that are suitable for the company’s architecture to facilitate the transition to RPA systems. This way, you can save both time and money.


The number of created tasks may not be the same every day. An excessive increase in the number of tasks may sometimes be seen depending on the workflow. In these cases of increased workflow, RPA systems must be scalable to perform successfully. If you want to experience a smooth automation process, you should choose vendors that provide scalable RPA solutions. Moreover, the RPA vendor must be able to scale automation permanently to align it with your company’s long-term growth.

Data Security

data security rpa

Data security is an important issue for all businesses. Businesses are responsible for protecting the data of their customers and their own processes. This whole process is subject to the law. In order to ensure the security of company data, you should choose RPA vendors that attach importance to data security. A successful RPA product allows companies to maintain more effective legal standards by providing enhanced process control. So, choose an RPA vendor that can help you comply with the law by recording the information of automated workflows in an activity log. These logs can later be used during the internal or external audits.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting the processes is very important to get a better understanding of automation processes. A good RPA system should have a platform that can collect, organize and analyze operational data. These reports contain parameters related to various automation processes, such as the time it takes to process an order, the number of pending transactions, as well as processes that create exceptions and require human intervention. With these parameters, the challenges faced by automation can be detected, and improvements and updates can be performed. Paying attention to the availability of this feature in the RPA software that you purchase is very important for the success of your process.

Technology Innovation

Technology continues to improve each day. Different perspectives and solutions are added to the software world almost every day. The most important feature of an RPA software is being able to very quickly adapt to rapidly developing technology. For this reason, check out the major or minor version updates made throughout the year by the RPA vendor that you choose. Choose an RPA vendor that brings an annual major update along with multiple minor version updates.

User Experience

User experience is very important in a software product offered to end-users. End-users look for a basic interface and simple use. Complex systems worsen the user experience. An RPA platform that makes users feel comfortable and safe will facilitate the operational adaptation into the new software. For this reason, choose RPA vendors with RPA products that provide a simple interface and usage.

Customer Support

Customer Support

24/7 implementation and technical support are very important to ensure the success of an RPA system. This type of product support means that a vendor must be willing to provide one-on-one support along with e-mail and phone support throughout the RPA journey. The selected RPA vendor must be able to meet changing customer demands over time.

User Training

When choosing an RPA vendor, check out the tools and training materials provided by them, as these resources help support RPA success for both business users and developers. Your RPA vendor should provide on-site or distance training opportunities. Also; they should offer tutorial videos, release notes, training books with unlimited access feature.

Choosing the right RPA vendor is not always an easy task, and the information various vendors provide about their products and services may cause confusion. The parameters we mentioned above will provide some good tips for you. With these tips and carefully created strategies and objectives, you will be able to choose the best RPA software for your company. The right RPA business partner will help your business run its operations in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. If you want us to help you get started on your RPA journey, contact us today!

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