How To Become An RPA Developer?

November 10, 2020
How To Become An RPA Developer?

As automation systems started to fulfill challenging tasks, many businesses from corporate to SME and startup companies started to perform their tasks with RPA systems. This rise has created a new career field in the informatics world: RPA Developer. We talked about the roles of an RPA developer in a company in our blog post ‘What is the role of an RPA developer in a company’. In this article, we will talk about the qualifications required to take part in these roles.

Becoming a Process Designer

People who want to continue their career as a Process Designer must have strong communication skills in order to understand the demands and concerns of customers correctly and to direct them correctly. Having strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills is necessary to correctly understand the task to be automated and seamlessly design it. Companies also expect Process Designer candidates to have knowledge of programming, relational database, requirement analysis, software development methodology and software testing.

Becoming an Automation Architect

Automation Architects, who are in the development phase of RPA systems, should know the most recent programming technologies and have a good command of programming, relational database and algorithm knowledge. They should be able to design technical specification documents for RPA Projects. Having one or more experience in RPA technology will also be beneficial for people who want to pursue a career in this field. In addition, companies also expect them to have a comprehensive knowledge of software development methodology and test processes as well as the tools that help to use these methodologies and information.

RPA Developer

Becoming a Production Manager

If you want to advance your career as a Production Manager, you are expected to have managed at least 1 to 3 RPA resolution processes. RPA Architecture and Delivery experience is also among the criteria sought. Like other career fields, having experience in one or more RPA technology projects will be a plus for you to build a career in this field. You need to follow the development and be able to integrate different technologies compatibly and correctly. Minimum 0-5 years of technical experience in the IT industry, 0-3 years of technical experience in Robotic automation using an RPA tool, and in-depth technical knowledge of an RPA tool are among the experiences that companies expect.

Where To Start?

For the career processes mentioned above, companies will expect you to have experience. So, how can you gain this experience? If you also want to become an RPA Developer or improve your skills, join our Discord Community! Robomotion brings developers together with clients for their RPA demands. By creating projects that fulfill these demands, you can both improve your skills and observe RPA processes better.

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