How to Automate Manual Processes

April 15, 2021
How to Automate Manual Processes

Every business has customized workflows that increase efficiency and accelerate success. In order for businesses to run smoothly, these workflows must be carried out correctly and must not contain errors. Until today’s technology, workflows were carried out manually by employees. With the development of artificial intelligence technologies, manual workflow processes have started to be automated. So, is a manual process automated?

Choosing and Developing the Right Process

Not all business processes are suitable for automation. Therefore, businesses must determine which processes the best suit them. Issues that need to be reviewed during an automation process are time, resources, and situations that may cause errors. Tasks with fixed rules and steps are also suitable for automation. After choosing the right process, preparing a UML diagram and performing software analysis provides easier understanding and development for the process. After completing all the steps of the manual process, these steps are simply broken down into smaller steps that can be coded and the development phase begins. Each step is controlled during the development phase and the noticed errors are corrected.

manual process progress

Application of the Process in Departments

After the manual process is automated by computer software, the software is installed in the department where the automated process is present. How the software works are explained to the employees and the performance of the software on the problems would is tested. Errors that occur during the work are determined and sent back to the development team for correction. In case of changes that may occur on the steps of the process in the future, updates are made on the software and the process is constantly optimized.

Automate Your Processes with RPA

Automated processes increase efficiency and ensure that tasks are performed 24/7. Automation of manual processes is preferred by all businesses today as it saves time and reduces human error. Contact us to receive more information and support about the selection and development stages of the process you want to automate.

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