How to Automate Customer Service with RPA

April 06, 2021
How to Automate Customer Service with RPA

One of the busiest departments of businesses is customer service. This department receives many phone calls or e-mails during working hours. Some of the problems can be addressed very easily while it may take some time to solve some other problems. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems increase the performance of employees by automating customer services and therefore increase customer satisfaction, as well. Applying RPA systems to automate customer services can significantly reduce the time spent on identifying customers and businesses can provide a better customer support with a single customer view. So, how is customer service automated with RPA?

Creating Chatbots

Chatbots are software that provide information or perform a transaction by establishing a dialogue with the user, usually over text. Chatbots developed with RPA can solve many problems without reaching the customer representative by communicating with the customer. The easiest problems received by the customer service can be taught to chatbots along with their solutions. In this way, the burden on customer service is reduced and the processing time is shortened, providing the best support to customers.

customer service chatbots with RPA

Shortening Process Times

Customer service employees often have to navigate through multiple systems during a single customer support process, such as accessing stored data and saving new information, in order to find solutions to customers’ problems. This process is time consuming and tedious for both the employee and the customer. With RPA systems, data is synchronized and automatically transferred between all systems. Thus, transactions can be performed instantly from one place. With this capability of RPA, operational efficiency is ensured by shortening processing times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Extended Front End Automation

RPA software can be used in the front office to improve customer communication. For example, it can trigger a notification when it’s time to follow up certain customers or when a customer sends a query or complaint. It can send automated messages to customers about new services or product offers. It can also automate many of the backup tasks that call center employees normally deal with on a daily basis, allowing employees to focus more on engaging with customers.

Today, all businesses with strong customer service use RPA systems. With Robomotion Customer Services, you can also quickly switch your customer service department to RPA systems. If you want to switch to digital transformation with RPA in your customer service department, contact us.

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