How Intelligent RPA Will Improve the Customer Experience?

April 28, 2021
How Intelligent RPA Will Improve the Customer Experience?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a system that automatizes repetitive tasks through computer software. These systems can easily automatize the tasks with clear steps and do not require insight. Enterprises expect RPA systems to carry out tasks that can provide insights into the developments in artificial intelligence. As a result of this expectation, RPA sellers have started to design Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (Intelligent RPA) systems by stringing artificial intelligence algorithms together with RPA.

Intelligent RPA are the systems that carry out incoming tasks by using artificial intelligence algorithms. Enterprises increase their business performances and productivity by using Intelligent RPA in many departments. How is Intelligent RPA used in the customer relations department and how does it affect the customer experience?

Faster Communication With Customers

Intelligent RPA is widely used in the support unit of customer relations department. Chatbots are also used with the customer support personnel in this area. These chatbots operating on Intelligent RPA have been developed by using artificial intelligence algorithms. These chatbots can communicate with customers and solve their problems as the support team does. They can define the most frequent problems of customers and present this as an analysis. They can also determine the relevant personnel according to the request of the customer and assign the task directly to that person.

Finding the Right Customer

rpa finding customer

Intelligent RPA can define the level of interest of the customer in the product via e-mails from customers and it can schedule an interview date and time for customers to contact the relevant personnel in the marketing department. It can obtain insights about customers through looking at their purchasing processes. It can send automatic e-mails on campaigns special to customers according to these insights. Intelligent RPA can share insights that it has obtained for customers with the marketing department to improve the department’s operations.

It Ensures Customer Specific Attention

Intelligent RPA systems, which can easily be integrated with ERP systems, can detect the approximate order time by looking at the purchasing quantity and dates. In this way, it can send a reminder e-mail to customers for their order before ordering. It can suggest similar products/services to customers or present more advantageous opportunities. It can attract the customer’s attention by presenting the customer specific-various options. These services can increase customer satisfaction.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With Intelligent RPA!

Customer experience is important for your enterprise to carry the world before you. Many enterprises prioritizing the customer experience benefit from Intelligent RPA systems to enhance customer experience. If you want to enhance your customer experience and have more information on this subject, please contact us.

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