How is AI Used in RPA Systems?

December 22, 2020
How is AI Used in RPA Systems?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems is the name given to the implementation of tasks by computer systems that have specific steps and repeatedly perform the same steps. Artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA have a lot in common. Very powerful intelligent automation systems can be produced when the powers of the two are integrated into each other. So, how can AI and RPA systems be integrated?

How Can AI and RPA Be Integrated?

The word “robot” in RPA can often be imagined as a product of AI in minds; but this is not true. This word is the name given to software that automates repetitive tasks. RPA is highly successful at handling rule-based repetitive tasks. However, when RPA and AI technologies are integrated, the RPA system can turn into a robot that can make decisions and predictions.

RPA systems run on structured data; however, data are currently not available only in a structured form. It is necessary to extract information from unstructured data and process the data. AI can easily work on unstructured data, collect information from this data, interpret it, and transform this data into structured data understandable for RPA systems.

RPA systems integrated with AI systems can prepare periodic reports and make estimations for your future decisions based on the data in these reports. With these estimates, you can easily make the right decisions for your business.


Your business would have documents in many compositions and forms. RPA system integrated with AI can extract the information in these documents with the help of “vision technology” on computer, regardless of the type, resolution or shape of the document. It enables RPA robots to use this information by converting the obtained information into structured data. They also play a role in the storage of this information converted into structured data. It can also detect missing points and information in documents and alert you.

Benefits of RPA Bots That Can Think with AI

AI has the ability to learn and improve itself as new data arrive. Thanks to this feature, it enables RPA systems that can think and make decisions. RPA robots, integrated with AI systems that can update themselves with new data, increase performance success. This increase in success gives you more accurate results and the system makes more accurate predictions about the future.

RPA technology has the potential to minimize human impact in repetitive tasks. This technology, coupled with AI, can realize this motivation. Integrated with AI, RPA increases productivity, eliminates human errors and saves costs.

If you want to automate your tasks with an automation system that combines the strengths of artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA, you can contact us here.

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