Does Employee Success Depend on Automation Skills?

September 13, 2021
Does Employee Success Depend on Automation Skills?

In recent years, businesses have been investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems to enhance operations and allow employees to focus more on value-added jobs that move businesses forward. The fast introduction of RPA automation skills into business processes brought the following question to the minds of leaders and employees: “Will automation skills be useful in recruitment processes?”

Automation Skills Can Move Candidates One Step Ahead Of Their Competitors!

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RPA software can efficiently automate tasks in various departments such as finance, human resources, and customer services with the assistance it offers. This requires employees that are outside of the IT field to be informed about automation and artificial intelligence tools as well. According to McKinsey Insights; automation skills will have the most notable influence on the demand for technological skills. Employees gaining the fundamental skills in the fields they want to pursue in their careers also knowing automation tools will impress recruiters and department managers. 

With the rise in the use of RPA systems, apart from their automation capabilities, cognitive, social, and emotional skills that will distinguish candidates from their competitors have also come into prominence. As the manual tasks are being automated with RPA systems, employees have started to work on more valuable tasks. For these tasks, cognitive, social, and emotional skills stand out. McKinsey believes that digital automation will further boost the demand for higher cognitive skills in the workplace and foresees an increase of 8% by 2030 in the use of these skills. Also, an increase of 24% for social and emotional skills is expected. 

Businesses Can Invest in Automation Skills Of Their Employees!

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As the businesses keep automating their processes with RPA, it is gradually becoming more vital for the employees to have access to training on automation tools. Providing automation training to employees equips them to be more successful in the developing and changing business world. Investing in automation skills encourages employees and businesses to develop professionally. Additionally, this is an investment made for the skill that increases the overall corporate efficiency. Employees being introduced to automation and improving their automation skills can accelerate the transition to automation systems for the business. By providing training for employees to expand their automation skills or investing in employee training, managers can strengthen internal career progression for their employees while securing commitment.

Enhance Your Employees’ Automation Skills With Robomotion!

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