Digital Transformation

How to Automate Manual Processes

Every business has customized workflows that increase efficiency and accelerate success. In order for businesses to run smoothly, these workflows must be carried out correctly and must not contain errors. Until today’s technology, workflows were carried out manually by employees. With the development of artificial intelligence technologies, manual workflow processes have started to be automated. …

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4 Successful RPA and IOT Integrations

Recently, a new digital transformation movement has started after the Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) joined their powers. This digital transformation movement has helped companies to increase their efficiency and guarantee success. But what are the benefits of the integration of RPA and IoT technologies?

How RPA Supports Digital Transformation?

As technology develops, all businesses go through a digital transformation. Digital transformation is an expression that defines the process of creating solutions to social and sectoral needs with the integration of digital technologies, and therefore, the development and change of business manners and culture.

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