Benefits of Automatization of Chat Applications for Startup

March 29, 2021
Benefits of Automatization of Chat Applications for Startup

Online chat applications, which appeared after smartphones became prevalent, have started to be used commonly for personal communication as well as at work. As of 2021, more than 80% of enterprises consider automating the chat applications they currently use with the help of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation of chat applications by using RPA robots provides many advantages, especially for startups. So, what are those advantages?

Ensure 24/7 Customer Support

Startup teams generally consist of few people, which requires team members to deal with multiple tasks. Therefore, it becomes harder for them to focus on customer support. The ability to provide fast customer support is crucial especially for the image of startups. In order to get full performance from customer services, startups may automate their chat applications by using RPA software. Thus, customer support may be provided much faster. Thanks to the automated chat applications, the problems of your customers are solved within seconds. This speed increases the trust of the customer in your brand. You can review the requests and complaints of customers more easily by analyzing the frequently asked questions via RPA software.

Discover Potential Customers

benefits of chat automatization

It is a necessary and crucial task to discover potential customers. Built through the automation of chat applications, RPA robots can discover potential customers for you by using artificial intelligence algorithms. They can determine whether a lead may be a potential customer with the help of questions asked. These robots can directly refer the potential customer to you or schedule an automatic meeting at the soonest time possible. This fast communication leaves a positive impression on the potential customer about your product or service. Moreover, you can attract customers by regularly offering them personalized recommendations, offers, and discounts.

Save on Customer Service Costs

It requires a serious investment to build a customer services system. Startups with limited capital can establish a robust customer services system with less spending by automating their chat applications. For rush hours, chat support can be scaled easily to provide high-quality support and increase customer satisfaction. With the help of chatbots automated via RPA software, you can offer a simple, smooth, and fast customer experience to your customers.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction via RPA!

Customer satisfaction is very important for a startup. The best step for it is to turn chat applications into robot software by using RPA. You can easily automate the chat application you currently use at the startup via Robomotion WhatsApp FAQ Bot. For more information contact us.

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