We automate your manual tasks with software robots

Drag and drop design your tasks in our Flow Designer. Any manual, repeated and rule-based task that can be described step-by-step can be automated.

Automate everything!


How does it work?

RPA is like Excel macros but in Operating System level. Any structured, repeated task you can teach to a human, you can automate it with software robots by mimicking the way humans interact with applications through user interfaces

Benefits of RPA

# Decreased costs

Automated processes reduces operating costs of an FTE, this makes it possible to take on more work without adding more employees and redeploying current employees on other work units.

# Increased productivity

Robots can be utilized to operate 7x24, implemented in a relatively short time, reduces staff training and saves time.

# Reduced errors

Eliminate human errors on manual and repeated tasks. Robots are not prone to errors, provides faster and accurate outputs.

# Scalable and flexible

Deploy more robots or re-assign existing robots to other processes. Your digital workforce can be as large or as small as you need it to be.


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