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Robomotion gives you the tools to automate your mundane and repetitive tasks. You can use our prebuilt Bots, learn from our Templates to create your own automations or find an expert for your Custom automations!

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Robomotion is not just a cloud-based API connector. You can automate any Website or a Web Application and create your own automation flows with our low-code Flow Designer.
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Learn from our Templates and build your own flows!

Need a Custom Automation?

Want to delegate your repetitive tasks to a software Robot worker but you do not know where to start, have the resources or the know-how to create your own automations?
With Desktop automations: You can link various applications on your computer with Robomotion. From Outlook and Excel to SAP, Slack to Telegram—the possibilities are endless. You can integrate these applications to automate your own workflows and run on your Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop.
With Web automations: You can automate manual data entry tasks, enter or scrape data, generate reports, automate the steps to do virtually any task on a website. You can login to your bank's website, download statements, login to your accounting software and enter the data.
With API automations: You can integrate with any application web service or APIs. Search trends with SEO tool APIs, create content with third-party Artificial Intelligence APIs and automate uploading and publishing an article to Wordpress.
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“I created 6 bots to get provider's prices and stocks from 6 vendors, and i merge them in a single CSV file, leaving the cheaper products that are available to purchase (with stock). I deliver this 4 times per day to my client. He uses this feed to update their own prices and stocks on their website. It's not easy, as they have 59.000 products, and some are on stock and some are dropshipping, but... I'm doing in one hour more than the team of 14 people who update the website daily. I hope you get some inspiration for your business.”

- SEMsacional

“Fantastic product with great support. There's a learning curve involved if you wanted to use it yourself, but the support you'll get should be enough to create basic actions. Probably the greatest thing about Robomotion is, that in most cases, only your imagination limits its usage potential..”

- Adam_G

“Amazing support by the founders and the team on discord channel that helps you resolve issues in real time. Near perfect scheduling Ability to install on Linux/Mac and Windows Super fast bug fixes and exceptional support to help scale and migrate processes.”

- Kris R

“This tool is amazing for creating automation. I do a lot of B2B marketing and I was able to use this tool to cut costs significantly in my business.”

- modfox

“I am not a developer, so a low code solution was what I needed for my RPA software. No-code solutions were too limiting, so this gave me what I need. I am using this software to do some web scraping, and since I have no experience...I was very happy to have a tutorial for me to go through...if that wasn't specific enough, then I can go to their discord server and ask questions and they have a full and very active community there to answer your questions and help you solve any issues you are stuck on.”

- Darrell S

“I am automating basic bookkeeping, marketing and data scraping workflows. It is a huge timesaver and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! (sorry for my enthusiasm but the tool is really an amazing one)”

- Philip F
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